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Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act Receives Unanimous, Bipartisan Support from Senate Committee

AG Landry Praises Lawmakers for Willingness to Together for a State-Based Solution

BATON ROUGE, LA - Earlier today, the bipartisan Senate Health and Welfare Committee unanimously passed SB 173 - the Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act - which was crafted by Attorney General Jeff Landry, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, Health and Welfare Senate Chairman Fred Mills, and House Speaker Taylor Barras in consultation with House Insurance Committee Chairman Kirk Talbot and House Insurance Committee Vice Chairman Alan Seabaugh.

Prior to passage, General Landry and Commissioner Donelon introduced amendments to strengthen the legislation, including a new Guaranteed Benefits Pool, which aims to help lower healthcare premiums across the board while protecting those with pre-existing conditions. The amendments are modeled on the previous success of reforms in Maine that have been praised by the Wall Street Journal and prominent think tanks.

Upon passage, General Landry thanked the members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, “I commend the members of the Health and Welfare for their willingness to come to the table and have a much needed conversation on this important issue for Louisiana families and businesses.”

“Commissioner Donelon, Chairman Mills, Speaker Barras, and I have worked hard to present a state-based, Constitutionally-sound solution to protect patients with pre-existing healthcare conditions and lower health insurance costs for all Louisiana citizens,” continued General Landry. “I appreciate the trust that these bipartisan lawmakers have placed in this bill, and I look forward to continuing to work with state and federal leaders to make sure that we protect Louisiana patients.”

The Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act now moves to the Senate floor for further consideration.

Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.