Justice Court

JP-C Training Course


n LA R.S.49:251.1 (A) The Attorney General of the state of Louisiana, shall conduct courses of training and education for persons elected to full terms to the offices of justice of the peace and constable. Such courses of training shall be known as the Justice of the Peace Training Course, which may be conducted in various sections of the state at places designated by the attorney general.

n LA R.S.49:251.1 (B) Newly elected justices of the peace and constables must attend the first training course available after they take office.

n LA R.S.49:251.4 (K) Each justice of the peace, justice of the peace pro tempore, justice of the peace ad hoc special appointments, and each newly elected justice of the peace shall have to attend the Attorney General's Arrest Warrants Course for Justices of the Peace and receive a certificate of completion to have the authority to sign and issue criminal arrest warrants after December 31, 2010, as otherwise authorized by law.

n LA R.S.13:2589 (A)(2) Every justice of the peace and constable shall attend at least one of the Justice of the Peace Training Courses offered by the attorney general pursuant to R.S. 49:251.1 every other year, and a justice of the peace or constable who fails to do so shall not earn or receive the compensation provide in this Section, until he attends a course and receive a certificate of completion from the Attorney General.


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