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Petroleum Day Message from Attorney General Jeff Landry

BATON ROUGE, LA – Friday is National Petroleum Day; and in recognition of this annual event, Attorney General Jeff Landry is not only thanking all Louisiana workers who ply their trade in oil and gas but also criticizing the Biden Administration for harming the industry which provides countless jobs in our State.

“Hundreds of thousands of hard-working people across our State improve the lives of all Americans who rely upon petroleum for so many of their everyday necessities,” said Attorney General Landry. “From transportation fuels to asphalt, heating oils to plastic, clothing to eyeglasses – petroleum makes it possible, and Louisiana workers make it happen; so today, I offer my thanks for all they do to support both our State and our Nation."

“Unfortunately, this appreciation is not shared by Joe Biden whose continued attacks on the petroleum industry have crippled the economy, destroyed livelihoods, and threatened national security,” continued Attorney General Landry. “Since taking office, Joe Biden has recklessly abused his power to sabotage American energy independence – increasing the cost of living and making it harder for Americans to support their families."

“So while Joe Biden limits domestic energy production but begs OPEC for oil and cancels the Keystone Pipeline but approves of Russian pipelines, my office and I will continue doing all that we legally can to push back against the Administration’s illegal and illogical policies. We will keep
fighting and winning for our State and her people, especially those whose work helps put and keep food on family tables throughout our country,” concluded Attorney General Landry.