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Xavier, Ochsner to Create New Medical School, Attorney General Jeff Landry Celebrates Historic Announcement

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry praised today’s announcement that Xavier University and Ochsner Health will create a new medical school in Louisiana.

“For years, Xavier University has stood out as one of the leading academic centers in the biological sciences and chemistry; unfortunately, they too often have sent their well-prepared undergrads to complete medical school in another State,” explained Attorney General Landry. “Today’s historic partnership will help keep Xavier’s highly-trained graduates with their skills, talent, and leadership in Louisiana.”

“From our big cities to our rural areas, Louisiana not only has a shortage of health care professionals but also high rates of chronic disease,” added Attorney General Landry. “Now more than ever, we need a range of voices and skillsets to come together to address these problems and ensure that the citizens of Louisiana are able to get the education, training, and support they need to become change-agents for our State.”

“That’s why this historic partnership with Xavier University and Ochsner Health to create a new medical school will have a tremendous impact across Louisiana, ensuring that we have a pipeline of talented physicians to meet the healthcare needs of our State,” concluded Attorney General Landry. “I am thrilled one of the nation’s leading HBCUs and one of the nation’s leading health systems are creating a model right here at home for the rest of the country on how to train the best and brightest physicians.”