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Fugitive Apprehension Unit

The Louisiana Department of Justice Fugitive Apprehension Unit was created for the purpose of assisting local law enforcement agencies in locating and apprehending fugitives from justice. The FAU is dedicated to assisting local law enforcement agencies in locating and arresting wanted individuals who either cannot be located by the local agency, or where the suspect is believed to be located in a jurisdiction other than where the arrest warrant is issued. The majority of the suspects are aware they are being sought by law enforcement and have taken measures to evade capture. Due to pending caseloads and other considerations, local law enforcement agencies may not have the time or resources available to locate them. Crossing jurisdictional lines can also be problematic for local law enforcement when searching for wanted individuals who reside in, or have fled to, a different city, parish, or state. The FAU has statewide jurisdiction and can dedicate all the time and resources necessary to bring these fugitives to justice. The FAU has also worked successfully with law enforcement in surrounding states in locating and apprehending fugitives from Louisiana.

Most individuals who are fugitives from justice have committed prior crimes, and are likely to commit similar crimes in the future. The timely apprehension of these fugitives provides their victims a faster resolution to their cases, and prevents those so inclined from committing new crimes on new victims.

Any law enforcement agency needing assistance in locating and/or apprehending a wanted individual can contact the Fugitive Apprehension Unit at (225) 326-6100.