Justice Court

JP-C Qualifications
n These are the basic qualifications to run for the office of justice of the peace or constable. For more detailed explanations, please visit the Louisiana Secretary of State's website, www.sos.louisiana.gov.
n There are five requirements all candidates must meet in order to qualify to serve as a justice of the peace or constable. Please see LA R.S. 13:2582 and LA R.S. 13:2583 for more details.
n Qualifications:
Good Moral Character
• Qualified Elector - The candidate is qualified to cast a ballot in the election.
• Qualified Candidate must live in the ward and district from which they seek election.
• Qualified Candidate must be able to read and write the English language.
• Qualified Candidate must possess a high school diploma or graduate equivalency degree (GED).
n A person must be under the age of 70 years on the date of qualification in order to run for the office of justice of the peace or constable. A JP or constable who attains 70 years of age while serving a term of office shall be allowed to complete that term.
n JPs who have been appointed by the Supreme Court to fill a vacancy, are not qualified to run for election to that office.

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