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Attorney General Jeff Landry Applauds Louisiana House Passage of Sanctuary City Legislation

BATON ROUGE, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry issued the following statement after the Louisiana House of Representatives advanced some of the toughest sanctuary city legislation in the country:

“I applaud the House of Representatives for passing HB 1148 and HB 453, common-sense bills that uphold the rule of law and get justice for victims of crime. I am thankful for the leadership of Representatives Valarie Hodges and Jay Morris, who worked hard on these two crucial pieces of legislation to make our State and its citizens safer. Sanctuary cities encourage further illegal immigration, undermine anti-terrorism efforts, and sabotage the fisc. They also waste much-needed public resources as they force the federal government to find and arrest deportable criminals already taken into custody by local law enforcement. I hope the Senate follows the House’s lead and overwhelmingly supports these public safety measures.”