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Attorney General Jeff Landry Applauds House Passage of H.J. Resolution 43
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BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry today commended the United States House of Representatives for passing H.J. Resolution 43, a nullification of former President Obama’s last-minute attempt to force states to fund Planned Parenthood.

“The Title X mandate pushed through in the final hours of Mr. Obama’s presidency is overreach intended to override state laws and policy choices that are clearly legal and supported by Congress, affirmed by the Supreme Court, and overwhelmingly supported by the citizens of the states in which such legislative priorities are in place,” said General Landry. “I applaud the U.S. House for passing this resolution, giving power back to the states, and taking another step toward defunding Planned Parenthood; I hope the U.S. Senate quickly gets this measure to President Trump’s desk for approval.”

In October, General Landry joined the chief legal officers from Arkansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah and the Governor from Mississippi in a letter to Department of Health and Human Services on RIN 937-AA04 (Proposed rules for Compliance with Title X Requirements by Project Recipients in Selecting Sub Recipients).

“I would encourage Congress re-visit ways to move funding towards Federally Qualified Health Centers and away from organizations like Planned Parenthood. Our hard-working taxpayers should not be forced to fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that performs over one-third of all abortions and receives over half a billion tax dollars a year,” added General Landry. “We have hundreds of women's healthcare providers that offer more robust services than Planned Parenthood. Louisiana and other states who want to redirect family planning grants away from objectionable organizations like Planned Parenthood to health centers that truly care for women and babies should be able to do so.”

“We are blessed to live in one of the most pro-life states in the country, and our legislators have consistently voted in overwhelming and bi-partisan efforts to protect expectant mothers and their unborn babies,” concluded General Landry. “As Louisiana’s Attorney General, I will continue to do all I legally can to protect our State’s best interests and our people’s pro-life desires.”


Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.