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Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office Creation Applauded by Attorney General Jeff Landry

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is praising the Department of Homeland Security for creating the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office.

“For too long – victims of illegal immigrant crime have been forgotten and ignored,” said General Landry. “The VOICE Office creation will now ensure these victims and their families have a government resource to assist them with their cases.”

VOICE aims to use a victim-centered approach to acknowledge and support immigration crime victims and their families, promote awareness of rights and services available to immigration crime victims, build collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders assisting immigration crime victims, and provide quarterly reports studying the effects of the victimization by criminal aliens present in the United States. 

“Louisiana citizens have been killed, raped, and sexually exploited by illegal immigrants,” added General Landry. “While I will always remain frustrated by these crimes because the perpetrators should never have been here, I am grateful for the assistance VOICE will be able to provide the victims and their families.”

Funded by Immigration and Customs Enforcement resources – the VOICE Office will provide automated custody status information, additional criminal or immigration history, local contacts to help with unique victims’ requests, and access to social service professionals available to refer victims to local service providers. VOICE services are expected to be expanded in the future to meet the needs of victims and their families.

“My office works tirelessly to protect our citizens from crime, including illegal immigration,” said General Landry. “It is great to have federal partners also supporting victims and witnesses of crimes committed by criminal aliens.”

VOICE’s toll-free hotline, staffed with operators to triage calls, has been set-up to ensure victims receive the support they need. The number is 1-855-48-VOICE. More information may be found online

Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.