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  • 5/22/2019

Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions Passes House Committee

If the Governor shares the goals of protecting preexisting healthcare conditions and providing other patient protections should appellate courts uphold the district ruling that the ACA is unconstitutional – he would cast aside divisive Washington-style politics and support this bipartisan effort in the Legislature.

  • 5/21/2019

Advancing Justice for Families of Those Lost to Murder, Attorney General Jeff Landry Applauds Louisiana House Passage of HB 258

General Landry: Representative Muscarello’s measure would help ensure our State’s most heinous criminals receive the punishment justly imposed by a jury of their peers.

  • 5/15/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Leads National Coalition In Fight to Protect Second Amendment Rights

General Landry: The need for self-defense is not limited to the home and the right to possess a firearm should not be either. From self-defense to hunting, the lawful exercise of our Second Amendment rights should be fully supported.

  • 5/13/2019

Fighting for Lower Prescription Drug Prices and to Hold Drug Companies Accountable, Attorney General Jeff Landry Joins Lawsuit Targeting Major Generic Drug Companies for Price Fixing

General Landry: Louisiana patients rely on generic drugs every day and they have felt the burn from the alleged conspiracy. I am proud to join General Tong in these efforts to ensure those who have harmed patients are brought to justice.

  • 5/9/2019

Another Illegal Alien Arrested in Louisiana for Internet Crimes Against Children

General Landry: Congress must realize the national emergency at our Southern border and support President Trump’s efforts to build the wall. Their continued failure to secure our border places every American citizen at risk.

  • 5/8/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces Recently Recalled Children's Products

General Landry: I strongly urge Louisiana parents and guardians to take a moment to view the list of products in order to prevent their families from harm.

  • 5/7/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Statement on Murder Conviction in Lincoln Parish

General Landry: My heart breaks for the victim, and I pray the jury’s decision will bring some comfort to her family.

  • 5/6/2019

Pre-Exisiting Healthcare Access to Coverage Legislation Championed by AG Jeff Landry Unanimously Passes the Louisiana Senate

General Landry: In a loud, overwhelming manner – the Louisiana Senate declared our State should protect patients, ensure coverage of preexisting conditions, guarantee coverage for essential benefits, and assure a robust marketplace for affordable healthcare with choices for the people of Louisiana.

  • 5/6/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Continues Bipartisan, Multi-State Push Against Illegal Robocalls

General Landry: I hope the FCC will do all they can to stop the barrage of these aggravating, inconvenient, and invasive robocalls on our State’s people.

  • 5/2/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry: Trump Revisions to Well Control Rule Are Responsive and Responsible

General Landry: The most valuable resource in the Gulf of Mexico is not the oil and gas underneath the waters, but rather it is the men and women who ply their trades there. And the safety of our neighbors who are working in the Gulf to deliver the energy we need to create jobs and fuel our economy is paramount.

  • 5/1/2019

Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act Receives Unanimous, Bipartisan Support from Senate Committee

General Landry: Commissioner Donelon, Chairman Mills, Speaker Barras, and I have worked hard to present a state-based, Constitutionally-sound solution to protect patients with pre-existing healthcare conditions and lower health insurance costs for all Louisiana citizens.

  • 4/30/2019

Over 1,000 Pounds of Medications Disposed of at Baton Rouge Drug Take Back Event

General Landry: I urge all who were unable to attend the successful event on Saturday to utilize our drug take back boxes and get unnecessary drugs away from those who may misuse them.

  • 4/25/2019

U.S. Minority Whip Steve Scalise Comments on Republican Push to Protect Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

General Landry: Thank you for your encouragement, Whip Scalise. Together with other state leaders, we can craft constitutionally-sound, state based solutions for the problems Obamacare has caused for Louisiana, her families, and her businesses.

  • 4/17/2019

Anti-Women's Health Brief Filed at the United States Supreme Court on Louisiana Admitting Privileges Law

General Landry: In light of documented history in Louisiana, their position defies common sense. Notably, two of the three clinics in Louisiana are operated by Leroy Brinkley, who employed Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Louisiana women deserve to be protected from such physicians.

  • 4/16/2019

Rep. Omar Attended Terrorist Fundraiser

General Landry: Given CAIR's ties to terrorist activities, any rational person would agree that it is not a group with whom a Member if Congress should be associating.

  • 4/8/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Warns of New Hostage Phone Scam

General Landry: Scams like this are designed to frighten consumers into hastily sending their money to the callers. Anyone who receives calls like this should contact local law enforcement immediately.

  • 4/5/2019

Signs and Dangers of Youth Vaping

General Landry: I encourage all parents and guardians to be aware of the dangers of vaping and the signs to detect its use.

  • 4/3/2019

Seven Arrests in Acadiana for Child Exploitation

General Landry: My office and I will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to get child predators off our streets.

  • 4/3/2019

Louisiana Removes 30k from Medicaid Rolls, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

General Landry: The Governor should accompany today’s announcement with an apology to Louisiana taxpayers for the amount of fraud and waste his irresponsible actions caused.

  • 4/2/2019

Illegal Alien Previously Deported for Sex Offenses Arrested in Louisiana for Child Exploitation

General Landry: This arrest should serve as a wake-up call to Congress.