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  • 4/25/2022

Military Religious Exemptions: Attorney General Jeff Landry Disappointed in U.S. Supreme Court Decision

AG Jeff Landry: I will not waver in my support of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms who risk life and limb to protect the liberties that Biden so willingly tramples.

  • 4/21/2022

Bipartisan Call for GoFundMe Transparency Led by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: Big Tech platforms such as these must be held accountable and not be allowed to hide behind arbitrary standards that allow them to pick and choose ‘worthy’ causes.

  • 4/19/2022

Biden Proposal to Change Charter School Funding Opposed by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: I will not sit by idly while Joe Biden threatens to deprive Louisiana families of better educational opportunities for their children.

  • 4/13/2022

Millions Overpaid for Prescriptions in Secretive Scheme, Lawsuit Filed by Attorney General Jeff Landry to Recover Inflated Charges

AG Jeff Landry: Unregulated middlemen, cloaked in secrecy, drive up their own profits at the expense of Louisiana citizens

  • 4/7/2022

Citigroup Pays for Employee Abortion Travel: Landry Urges Treasurer to Join Him in Excluding Citi from State Business

AG Jeff Landry: I have repeatedly defended these laws and done all I legally can to protect our State’s best interests and our people’s pro-life desires.

  • 4/6/2022

Louisiana Gets Victory at U.S. Supreme Court: Attorney General Jeff Landry Blocks Biden Again

AG Jeff Landry: My office will continue fighting Biden's overreach and his woke agenda that has crippled our economy, destroyed our working class, and threatened our national security.

  • 4/4/2022

Protecting the Homeland: Attorney General Jeff Landry Leads Legal Challenge of Biden Immigration Policy

AG Jeff Landry: Presidential politics are killing public safety. Joe Biden needs to stop trying to be woke and start protecting the homeland.

  • 4/1/2022

Victory for Election Integrity: Appellate Court Sides with Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: Our law is clear: no individual, including Mark Zuckerberg, should supersede the people's elected representatives. Our elections should never be for sale; private money should not fund them.

  • 3/31/2022

Death Penalty Litigation Dismissed, Time for Louisiana to Fulfill Its Promises to Victims of State’s Most Heinous Crimes: Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: The pursuit of justice for the victims of our State’s most heinous crimes is no longer restricted by Hoffman legal obstacles.

  • 3/30/2022

Time to End Mask Mandates on Airlines, Ships, Buses, and Other Transportation

AG Jeff Landry: Biden's top-down, authoritative approach does not work and violates freedom. I will continue to fight for individual liberty and protect the people of Louisiana from government overreach.

  • 3/21/2022

Continuing Efforts to Protect Personal Freedom, Attorney General Jeff Landry Urges Legislature to Repeal Rule LDH Used to Amend Immunization Schedule

AG Jeff Landry: I will continue to do my part in stopping the unauthorized exercise of legislative authority by the Governor and his LDH.

  • 3/21/2022

New Orleans Mayor Finally Makes It Official: Mandates Over in Crescent City

AG Jeff Landry: Thanks to the legal challenge by families who had enough of the madness in the Crescent City, today is finally the end to the attacks on personal freedom in New Orleans.

  • 3/8/2022

Russian Oil Banned, Increase Domestic Energy Production: Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: While Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine presses on, so does Joe Biden’s war on American energy; and the American people are footing the bill with a crippled economy, destroyed livelihoods, and threatened national security.

  • 3/7/2022

National Consumer Protection Week Highlighted by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: Taking some time during Consumer Protection Week to learn about the common scams that Louisianans face can help guard against them.

  • 3/3/2022

New Orleans Lifts Mandates Amid Subpoenas in Lawsuit By Residents and Attorney General

AG Jeff Landry: Parents know how to best care for their children, not the government. I will continue to stand alongside parents and their right to make medical decisions for their children.

  • 3/2/2022

Subpoenas Issued for New Orleans Mayor, School Board President in Shot and Mask Mandate Lawsuit Joined by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: I am proud to stand with the parents and guardians fighting to ensure the government does not interfere with their families’ healthcare decisions.

  • 2/28/2022

Attorney General Jeff Landry Leads 25-State Coalition Against Biden's Continued Attack on American Energy

AG Jeff Landry: It is high time the Biden Administration to put America first. Biden's environmental virtue-signaling is burdening American families and jeopardizing the safety and security of our homeland.

  • 2/25/2022

Mardi Gras Safety Tips Issued by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG Jeff Landry: Be sure the kids know to check in before going anywhere, never go alone, and yell “no” if a stranger tries to touch or harm

  • 2/22/2022

Violent Criminals Not Being Deported, Deadly Drugs Flooding The Southern Border – Attorney General Jeff Landry Demands DHS Secretary Resign

AG Jeff Landry: Secretary Mayorkas has failed at his chief responsibility – protecting our homeland.

  • 2/14/2022

Attorney General Jeff Landry Statement on Cynthia Perkins Conviction

AG Jeff Landry: Today, Cynthia Perkins admitted to her crimes and plead guilty in court. She not only waived any right to appeal, and attempt to avoid conviction, but she also spared the victims from reliving her horrific crimes during this particular trial.