Supporting Economic Liberty
Federal Court Blocks Unlawful WOTUS Rule General Landry: All along, the Obama WOTUS Rule has been an unnecessarily harmful power grab by the federal government. As an opponent of federal overreach, I applaud the court for this decision to protect the sovereignty of states and the liberty of landowners. Read More
Land Owners Get Big Win Regarding Restrictive Rules General Landry: As these rules intrude on the private property rights of Louisiana citizens, I am proud of our team’s work to reach this conclusion. Our office will continue to do all we can to fight federal overreach. Read More
Overreaching EPA Rule to Be Challenged by Louisiana at DC Circuit Court General Landry: As I have said before: the ill-advised decision to finalize the RMP Rules not only subjected facilities to even more burdensome, duplicative, and needless regulation; but it also makes all of us more vulnerable to security threats. I am grateful Administrator Pruitt recognized this and granted our review. Read More
ACA Mandate Unconstitutional AG Jeff Landry Argues in Court Filing Joined by Other States General Landry: Today is another step in ensuring the unconstitutional actions made by the past Administration are not forced onto the American people. I will continue working with my fellow Attorneys General to fight back against unlawful mandates. Read More
Lawsuit Filed Against the Corps of Engineers General Landry: The failure of the Corps to maintain and preserve the servitude has caused thousands of acres of land along our coast to be lost. The Corps is in direct violation of their servitude agreement. Our lawsuit demands that the Corps of Engineers be enjoined from any further violations of its servitude and restore the damage caused by those violations. Read More
Continuing His Fight for Louisiana Farmers and Consumers, Attorney General Jeff Landry Challenges Massachusetts’ Burdensome Agriculture Regulations General Landry: Louisiana has nearly 27,000 farm operations across our State – including many who produce poultry, hogs, and cattle.I will not sit idly while other states violate the rule of law, burden our farmers with illegal regulations, and drive up prices for our consumers. Read More
Louisiana Joins Fights to End California’s Restrictive Farming Regulations General Landry: California’s regulations not only violate the Egg Products Inspection Act and the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, but they also impose economic harm to farmers. Additionally, they have cost consumers nationwide up to $350 million. Read More
Clean Power Plan Repealed, Attorney General Jeff Landry Praises Decision by Trump Administration General Landry: I remain a strong defender of states’ rights; and I will continue to fight onerous, expensive, and unnecessary government regulations on Louisiana’s families and businesses. Fortunately, we now have a White House willing to stand with me for the American people and their Tenth Amendment rights. Read More
Obama Overtime Rule Defeated Again General Landry: My office remains dedicated to defending states’ rights and protecting the hardworking people of Louisiana from federal overreach. We will continue to do all we legally can to fight job-killing regulations and protect Louisiana workers and their employers. Read More
Overreaching Rule Affecting Landowners Repealed by the EPA General Landry: Louisiana cannot afford to waste tax dollars on environmental rules designed to give the federal government authority over state, local, and private lands without any benefit to the environment. This overreach from the beginning was about federal control, not the environment. Read More
Attorney General Landry Leads Petition to Scrap EPA's Risk Management Plan Rule General Landry: For the sake of protecting both public safety and jobs, I hope Administrator Pruitt will honor our request. After all, industries’ resources should be spent on what truly matters: making facilities safe and secure, not responding to unnecessary and redundant regulation enacted only for regulation’s sake. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Continues Fight Against Burdensome Regulations General Landry: This regulatory burden makes it more difficult for Americans to compete for jobs in an increasingly competitive global economy and imposes costs that unnecessarily inflate the price of consumer goods, depress wages, and imperil job security. Regulatory reform is critical to restoring limited government in Washington that is responsive to, and protective of, the American people. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Praises Overtime Ruling General Landry: In 2016 alone, the President has promulgated over 81,640 pages of regulations. We are excited to be on the front lines in defending Louisiana’s job creators and workers from these destructive rules. This court decision is a step forward on the path to making America great again. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Applauds Court for Halting Overtime Rule General Landry: I applaud the court for ensuring proper balance between the branches of government and for halting this red-tape, job-killing bureaucratic edict. I was proud to stand with 20 other states in this fight for our businesses and employees, and I will continue to do all that I can to help employers hire and keep Louisiana workers. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Fights Federal Government's Clean Power Plan General Landry: The Clean Power Plan is another example of executive overreach and, just like other overly burdensome and extremely expensive Washington regulations, this unconstitutional EPA mandate is a job killer. The Clean Power Plan is a purely political attempt to force states into green energy submission. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Challenges New Overtime Rule General Landry: This red-taped bureaucratic edict will especially hurt the Louisiana workforce in the education, retail, government, health, hospitality, and professional service industries. For their sake and the sake of federalism, I have joined Attorneys General from across the country to stop this job-killer. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Slams Al Gore’s Coalition I will continue to work my fellow Attorneys General from across the country to ensure Louisiana workers, job creators, and consumers are not burdened by the EPA’s overreach or threatened by this new and disturbing development of unleashing the prosecutorial arsenal to quell dissent on such an important issue of public debate. Read More
Attorney General Jeff Landry Applauds Supreme Court for Halting EPA Overreach General Landry: Today's decision prevents the EPA from forcing compliance on our State before we have the opportunity to challenge this invalid, expansive rule. I will continue to work with my fellow Attorneys General from across the country to ensure Louisiana workers, job creators, and consumers are not burdened by the EPA’s overreach. Read More

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