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Public Protection

The Public Protection Division asserts and protects the State of Louisiana’s interests in the general areas of consumer protection, environmental protection, insurance receivership, and fair housing.

Director: Mike Dupree
Mike Dupree, Director of Public Protection Division, has spent over 18 years in service to the State of Louisiana. As the Director of the Public Protection Division for the past 6 years, he has led the Department of Justice’s efforts to protect Louisiana consumers from unfair and deceptive trade practices, to provide equal access in housing for our citizens, and to represent the state in antitrust litigation. He formerly served as Deputy General Counsel for the Louisiana Board of Ethics.

The Consumer Protection Section accepts complaints from consumers about businesses and offers a voluntary mediation process to improve communication between the parties and to assist them in resolving disputes. The Section administers the registrations of various businesses and charities and brings civil enforcement actions in the interest of the public. The Section also helps educate consumers through alerts and publications. Visit the Consumer Protection page for more information.

Equal Housing Opportunity Section is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Louisiana Equal Housing Opportunity Act. This section is active in the investigation, conciliation, and judicial enforcement of fair housing claims. Staff cooperates with the federal government in the enforcement of statutes prohibiting discrimination in housing and housing transactions based on an individual's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. The section also provides information to Louisiana citizens on their rights regarding the rental and purchase of dwellings under the Louisiana Equal Housing Opportunity Act and the federal Fair Housing Act. If would like to report an incident, you may use our Online Fair Housing Complaint Form.

The Securities and Insurance Section has direct involvement in and primary knowledge of every insurance liquidation in Louisiana. This section performs legal work, supervises contract counsel, and works with the Department of Insurance. Staff personnel conduct research in insolvency cases and maintain a proactive position in the area of insurance liquidation. This section reviews legal bills of contract attorneys, incorporates terms of engagements and development with contract attorneys and the Department of Insurance case management plans for each liquidation. The section relies totally upon self-generated revenues for its operation.

The Tobacco Unit of the Attorney General’s Public Protection Division is responsible for enforcing the terms of the MSA between the State of Louisiana and Participating Manufacturers to the MSA. In addition to this responsibility, numerous Louisiana statutes related to tobacco sales are enforced by the Attorney General’s Office. These statutes relate to escrow payments made by certain non-settling tobacco manufacturers, the development and maintenance of an approved directory of cigarette and roll-your-own (“RYO”) tobacco brands that may be sold in the State, and the reporting of cigarette and RYO sales by manufacturers and wholesalers. The Louisiana Department of Revenue and Alcohol and Tobacco Control also share various duties in enforcement of tobacco related legislation.