Summer Travel Tips from Attorney General Liz Murrill

Many Louisianans and their families are traveling or planning vacations for the summer. Summer is the perfect time to getaway and explore new destinations. However, Attorney General Liz Murrill wants to remind Louisiana that it’s easy to fall victim to travel scams including:

  • Fake travel websites
  • Suspicious payment requests
  • ‘You’ve-Just-Won-a-Free-Vacation’ Notices
  • Airline and rental car cons
  • "Helpful" Locals Scam

“I enjoy vacationing with my family just like everyone else does here in Louisiana. However, as soon as you relax and let your guard down, scammers may be waiting to take advantage and ruin your big trip. Follow our simple tips to prevent typical vacation scams this Summer,” said General Murrill.

Families can take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of these scams:

  • Book through a reputable travel agency
  • Inform your bank that you’re leaving town
  • Pay with a credit card so you can be reimbursed
  • Frequently check your bank account
  • Beware of upfront fees and heavily discounted hotels
  • Research and verify before you book a trip

If you do fall victim to a travel scam, here are some steps to act quickly against the scheme:

  • Report the fraud to your bank account
  • File a complaint
  • Notify the booking platform or app the scam occurred on

By staying vigilant, you and your family can protect yourself from travel scams and enjoy a safe and relaxing summer vacation. Safe travels, Louisiana!