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We are committed to protect & serve the people of Louisiana.

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Protecting Women & Children

We work to protect women & children from predators and abuse while also defending parental rights, personal freedom, and the right to life.

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Fighting Fentanyl & Opioid Abuse

In our relentless fight against opioid addiction, we work to secure resources, educate the public, and advocate for greater border security.

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Addressing Crime in Louisiana

We work with law enforcement, District Attorneys and policy makers to ensure our citizens feel safe in their communities.

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Defending Louisiana’s Economy

We stand up to federal overreach and unconstitutional edicts that threaten the prosperity of our State and its industries.  

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Recent News

From the Bayous to the U.S. Supreme Court

spotlight image 6/13/2024

Victory for women and girls: Federal judge sides with Louisiana and strikes down Joe Biden’s assault on Title IX

U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty issued the injunction today, siding with plaintiff states, agreeing that the rule is unlawful.

Attorney General Murrill’s Cyber Crime Unit arrests St. Martinville man for Pornography Involving Juveniles

Attorney General Liz Murrill’s Cyber Crime Unit arrested a St. Martinville man on July 10, 2024.


Attorney General Liz Murrill joins a coalition of 23 States in opposition to the Latest Regulatory Overreach by the Biden Administration

Attorney General Liz Murrill joined Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and a coalition of 23 state attorneys general in opposing the Biden administration’s latest overreach into the livelihoods of middle-class Americans.


Summer Travel Tips from Attorney General Liz Murrill

Many Louisianans and their families are traveling or planning vacations for the summer. Summer is the perfect time to getaway and explore new destinations.


Our Services

We prioritize the well-being and interests of Louisiana’s citizens.


Outreach & Education

We empower citizens to stand up for their rights and make a difference in their communities through educational initiatives.



We manage educational debts for 25 institutions & 30 state agencies -- without receiving state general fund dollars.


Trainings & Conferences

We provide training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and criminal justice professionals, as well as Justices of the Peace.


Occupational Licensing

We oversee a variety of State Boards to supervise their activities and ensure members are in compliance with the law.


Legal Opinions

We issue AG Opinions to Louisiana state entities, officials, and departments, focusing on legal matters within their jurisdiction.


Forms & Contracts

We provide business and legal documents along with templates, example contracts, and various forms for use across the State.


Public Records

We ensure public access to records, including governmental activities, as established by legislative and constitutional provisions.



We ensure avenues for filing complaints regarding fair housing, Medicaid fraud, consumer issues, charity matters, and more.

Meet Liz Murrill

Attorney General Liz Murrill is fighting tirelessly for our rights and values. Armed with over three decades of experience, she challenges federal overreach, defends the rule of law, and upholds Louisiana’s sovereignty with unwavering dedication and integrity, ensuring a brighter future for the State of Louisiana and the people who call it home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Louisiana Department of Justice (LADOJ) serves Louisiana’s legal interests and citizens by overseeing various divisions, offering legal resources, and addressing complaints.

More FAQs

What is the Louisiana Department of Justice (LADOJ)?

The Louisiana Department of Justice is a department within the executive branch of state government that advocates for the interests of Louisiana and its people. The LADOJ is headed by the Attorney General, who is Louisiana’s chief legal officer, and contains Administrative Services, Civil, Criminal, Federalism, Gaming, Investigation, Litigation, and Public Protection Divisions.

What is the Attorney General (AG)?

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the state and the agency head of the Louisiana Department of Justice, responsible for protecting the rights and interests of Louisiana and its people. The AG holds the highest legal authority in the state’s executive branch and advocates for the state in many ways, like representing the state and its agencies in legal proceedings, reviewing legal contracts, advocating for the state’s rights and interests before federal authorities, and giving legal advice to government agencies and bodies. The AG is elected by Louisiana’s voters.

Can the LADOJ give me legal advice?

Unfortunately, because the LADOJ represents the state, it does not give legal advice to private citizens. However, the Louisiana State Bar Association may be able to assist persons in need of legal advice. Their Lawyer Referral Number is 1-800-421-5722; they have local affiliates who may know of others willing to do pro bono work. More information for them can be found at .

Why does the AG “take” some cases and not others?

Each case presents a unique blend of facts and legal questions. When those questions are new or have significant implications for the state, the Attorney General will either become directly involved in the litigation or assign attorneys to keep a close watch on developments. However, the vast amount of litigation that moves through our courts daily makes it impossible to directly participate in every case. This is why the Constitution grants the AG discretion to determine when and how state resources should be spent in protecting the state’s interests. Fully dedicating the LADOJ to litigation would leave no time or funds to provide the wide range of services our office is required to provide under the law. Additionally, the Constitution does not give the AG original jurisdiction in criminal cases or authority to take a prosecution from a district attorney without cause of recusal by the district attorney.

How do I request a speaker or training?

You may ask the Louisiana Department of Justice for speakers and/or trainers on a variety of issues including Consumer Protection, Open Meetings, Public Records, Dual Officeholding, Ethics, Attorney General Opinions, Public Bid Law, Louisiana Justice Court, Sexual Predator Apprehension, Cyber Crime, Domestic Violence, Insurance Fraud, etc. at



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