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Attorney General Opinions provide legal advice and support to the State of Louisiana, its departments, agencies, and political subdivisions. Opinions of the Attorney General are advisory only; they do not have the force and effect of the law; and they are limited to the facts presented by the official or officials requesting the opinion. Further, the opinions may be changed or recalled due to subsequent court decisions and/or legislative enactments. As the chief legal officer of the State, the Attorney General may render written opinions to:

  • The governor and other elected and appointed state officers, as required by law, upon all legal questions relating to state law.
  • The members of the Legislature on matters that relate to state law.
  • State departments, state boards, state commissions or state officers upon all legal questions pertaining to state law as it applies to their entirety. Requests from or on behalf of boards or commissions must be initiated by a resolution adopted by the membership.
  • District attorneys on matters relating to state law.
  • The governing authority of a local political subdivision, its officers or attorneys, but only after the legal issue is presented to the legal advisor of the board, commission, governing authority, or political subdivision; after the specific issue is placed upon the agenda of the public meeting of the board, commission, governing authority; and upon the submission of a resolution adopted by the entity.
  • Officers of a local governmental subdivision such as a mayor, a president of a parish home rule form of government, sheriffs, clerks of court, assessors, coroners, or registrars of voters on matters relating to their official duties.

The Attorney General will not furnish opinions to private individuals except on questions relative to dual officeholding or dual employment.

Requests for opinions must be in the form of a letter, signed by an individual, and addressed to the Attorney General. Requests may be submitted in one of the following ways:

Mail: Attorney General Liz Murrill
Attn: Civil Division
P.O. Box 94005
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Fax: (225) 326-6098

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