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New Orleans Deserves Better: Attorney General Jeff Landry Supports Legal Motion to End Crippling Consent Decree

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry has filed a legal brief supporting a motion to terminate the Consent Decree that has plagued New Orleans for nearly a decade.

"While the Crescent City is rich in culture and tradition, it has devastatingly been under attack by rising crime fueled by the disastrous Consent Decree," said Attorney General Landry. "Today's legal action is another step toward helping the countless families ravaged by crime in New Orleans."

In his filing, Attorney General Landry argues that the Consent Decree is a pernicious threat to federalism and that it should be terminated not only because the NOPD has satisfied the Consent Decree but also because applying the Consent Decree prospectively is no longer equitable.

"Federal Monitors – who are compensated by the City at approximately $115,000 per month (on average) – have not been able to present a single violation of constitutional policing, a systematic concern, or negative trend within the NOPD," explained Attorney General Landry. "Additionally, the "Full and Effective Compliance" as defined by the Consent Decree has been reached and maintained for more than four years."

"There is much work to do to restore New Orleans to its former stardom, but ending the Consent Decree would be a tremendous start," concluded Attorney General Landry. "For the people of New Orleans and the officers sworn to protect them, I fully support ending the Consent Decree and hope the court will honor my plea."