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Protecting Innocence Report Released by Attorney General Jeff Landry

AG offers guide to keep sexually explicit materials out of the hands of children, while ensuring librarians can promote healthy viewpoints. 

BATON ROUGE, LA – Joined by concerned parents and lawmakers, Attorney General Jeff Landry this morning released the Protecting Innocence report – a thorough examination on the state of public libraries, the access children currently have to material that is far from age-appropriate, and potential solutions that citizens may take to protect children’s innocence.

“The Protecting Innocence report gives parents and officials the tools they requested to protect Louisiana’s children from sexually explicit material,” explained Attorney General Landry. “Our report shows how community libraries can maintain healthy educational environments that allow for young minds to grow, while making sure minors do not have unrestricted access to materials that are inappropriate for their age group.”

The report, which is available to those 18 years and older at, includes links to library policies across the State, sample letters for writing lawmakers about this issue, and other potential solutions (including model legislation) to the problem of minor children having access to sexually explicit materials within our public libraries. Nowhere in the report are there calls for banning books or censoring voices.

“One solution we recommend is updating our library card system so that parents can ultimately choose what materials are appropriate for their children, which then takes pressure off of the librarians and puts more power back into the hands of parents – where it belongs,” said Attorney General Landry. “I invite parents to download the report and get involved as they see fit.”


Video from this morning’s release may be found at