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Standing for Victims, Attorney General Jeff Landry Calls for Truth & Transparency in Louisiana’s Criminal Justice System

Bill would create Criminal Justice System Pilot Program providing access to info for the public and the press

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Standing with many families who have been impacted by crime in Orleans, Caddo, and East Baton Rouge – Attorney General Jeff Landry this morning announced his support for legislation that would provide no-cost, easy online access to criminal court records and case information for victims, families of defendants, members of the public, and the press.

“The people of Louisiana have a right to know what is happening in our court system, whether the system is working, and how those trusted to run the system are delivering justice and protecting us from violent crime,” said Attorney General Landry. “This legislation, authored by Representative Debbie Villio, will begin to immediately address this crisis in New Orleans, Shreveport, and Baton Rouge.”

“This program will provide access to criminal court records and case information for victims, the families of defendants, citizens, and the press at no cost to them,” added Attorney General Landry. “Looking beyond this legislation, we hope to create a registered victim notification system that will utilize modern technologies to notify individuals of upcoming court proceedings related to their cases.”

Under the measure, the clerks will provide the Louisiana Department of Justice with a secure connection to its criminal court records and databases. Once that connection has been established, the LADOJ will host an online portal for citizens to view criminal court records in their totality – at no-cost to the user.

“You cannot maintain the rule of law, or dispense justice, when we are all wandering around lost in the dark,” concluded Attorney General Landry. “This plan will expose who in the system should be held accountable for the failures; when DA’s fail to prosecute, when judges fail to act, when police are handcuffed instead of the criminals.”


Video from the press conference announcing the legislation may be viewed at