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Attorney General Murrill supports Ag Commissioner's concerns on Net-Zero Banking Alliance's impact on Agriculture & Food Security

Net-Zero agriculture would cut meat consumption in half, force Louisiana's 30,000 farm operations to switch to inefficient electric equipment, and require some eight million acres of farmland across our State to switch from nitrogen fertilizer to expensive and ineffective "organic" options.

That’s why Attorney General Liz Murrill is standing with the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Mike Strain, along with other attorneys general across the country, in pushing back against the Net-Zero Banking Alliance that threatens our food security and the work of our farmers.

"Louisiana farmers contribute nearly $10 billion annually to our State, but this "green" power grab threatens them with bankruptcy, low yields, and even greater market volatility. It also threatens Louisiana's food culture, from the kitchens in our homes to our finest restaurants. That is why we are pushing back against this federal overreach, which is a direct attack on our agrarian way of life,” said General Murrill.