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Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces Six Arrests for Public Corruption

General Landry Vows to Make Public Corruption a Priority Statewide as Part of His New Administration and to Work Closely with the FBI and other Officials on Efforts Moving Forward

LAFAYETTE, LA – Today, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry unveiled six arrests, which took place earlier today, before announcing that he is making public corruption an important focus of the Department of Justice moving forward.

Joining General Landry at the press conference were officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well as Directors from the Louisiana Department of Justice.

“As Louisiana Attorney General, I will do all I can to end public corruption,” said General Landry. “The federal government has had to step in many times to help enforce these laws and protect the public. The federal government should not, and will not, be alone in this mission under my administration.”

“Under my watch, we will enforce state ethics laws and not just rely upon the federal government to take the lead on this issue,” continued General Landry. “The people of Louisiana should know government officials, elected and appointed, are accountable for their actions.”

As part of his new focus, Attorney General Jeff Landry announced six people were arrested in Lafayette Parish in connection with a public corruption case that has already resulted in federal charges and convictions.

The individuals arrested today and their current/former occupations are as follows: Kevin Ozene – deputy clerk of court for Lafayette Parish, Christopher Luke Edwards – defense attorney, Dan Kennison – defense attorney, Justina Ina – probation officer for Lafayette District Attorney, Kenneth Franques – deputy city marshal in Lafayette, and Joy Trahan – manager at State Office of Motor Vehicles.

Ozene was arrested for injuring public records and malfeasance in office. Edwards and Kennison were both arrested for corrupt influencing, criminal conspiracy, and accessory after the fact. Ina was arrested for malfeasance in office. Franques was arrested for public bribery. Trahan was arrested for malfeasance in office and criminal conspiracy.

Additionally, Robert Williamson, a private investigator currently serving time in federal prison, had an arrest warrant issued for public bribery, corrupt influencing, filing false public records, and criminal conspiracy.

In Louisiana, the Attorney General’s Department of Justice holds arrest powers and all six were arrested by officials of the Department of Justice working on information gathered by both the department and the FBI from an investigation into corruption.

Donald Bostic, Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI, thanked General Landry for the efforts of his department.

“I would like to thank Attorney General Jeff Landry for all he has done and all he has committed to do. All citizens of the state of Louisiana should expect and demand honesty in government,” said Bostic.

“While federal authorities took action to complete their portion of this problem, those stemming from federal law violations, the state under the previous administration did not complete its actions under state law,” said General Landry, “These arrests are part of my review to ensure those who have committed actions of public corruption see the results of their actions. The actions taken today are part of my review of the Louisiana Department of Justice; from ongoing court cases, to unfinished investigations, to cases awaiting actions.”

“Again, all investigations started under a previous administration are under review. I will continue to take action where it is appropriate and I will continue to do all that I can to make our communities safer,” concluded General Landry.