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Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces His Intention to Intervene and Review Appeal of Education Lawsuit

General Landry Concerned about Tenth Amendment Precedent

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is announcing his intention to review Jindal v. U.S. Department of Education et al, the case commonly referred in Louisiana as the Common Core Lawsuit.

Earlier today, the Governor’s Office issued a press statement indicating they were dropping an appeal of the case. However, by the authority of the Louisiana Constitution, General Landry is intervening and will decide on whether the case will proceed.

“As Louisiana Attorney General, I am intervening in this case and I will determine if it will proceed,” said General Landry.

General Landry will examine the core arguments as they relate to the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Issues surrounding the Tenth Amendment are commonly referred to as “states’ rights” issues.

General Landry will examine the recently passed Federal Every Student Succeeds Act as it relates to the Common Core lawsuit as well as actions that may have been taken by the Federal government both prior and following the Act’s passage.

“Congress reaffirmed that state and local governments control decision-making in Every Student Succeeds. They have reaffirmed this principle in every federal funding law ever passed,” said General Landry. “I want to be sure that the U.S. Department of Education is not holding our local schools hostage. I intend to examine the new law, the lawsuit, and the actions of the Federal government.”