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Attorney General Jeff Landry - Chief Legal Officer for the State of Louisiana - Joins Motion to Dismiss Jindal v. USDOE

General Landry to Continue Monitoring Federal Overreach to Protect the Citizens of Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, LA – The chief legal officer for the State of Louisiana, Attorney General Jeff Landry, joined a motion to dismiss Jindal v. U.S. Department of Education et al. after completing his internal review of the case.

In doing so, General Landry noted: “When constitutional principles are at stake, it is my duty and responsibility as the State’s chief legal officer to precisely, patiently, and proficiently review the legal course of action. Under Louisiana’s Constitution, the person authorized to make legal decisions on behalf of the State is the Attorney General.”

“I will reiterate – my ultimate clients are the citizens, not any department or agency of state government,” added General Landry.

General Landry noted that he continues to be concerned about federal overreach, especially in the area of education.

“My decision today comes after a thorough in-house examination of the pleadings, the district court judgment, and the new directives from Congress. While this lawsuit raised major concerns of federal manipulation of Louisiana’s education curriculum, I have determined that the facts outlined in this particular case have been undermined by passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act; and, therefore, should be dismissed,” said General Landry.

“However, the Louisiana Department of Justice will continue to monitor the possibility of overreach by the Department of Education. Education starts in the home and in our communities, not in Washington DC. Parents, teachers, and their local boards best determine the educational needs of our children. Federal mandates which coerce state and local governments into accepting federal educational prerogatives will not be tolerated, and I will continue to be vigilant in asserting Louisiana’s rights,” stated General Landry.

General Landry does not rule out court action in the future related to Louisiana’s rights under the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In dismissing the case, to avoid any conflicts in the court with multiple filings, the Attorney General signed a Joint Motion along with the Governor. Previously, the Attorney General filed a Motion to Substitute Party Plaintiff as he sought time to review the facts of the case. With the review completed, that motion was withdrawn.

Last week, the Attorney General noted he needed time for his team of in-house attorneys to evaluate this lawsuit. That evaluation was completed and at no further expense to the taxpayers.

“Under the Constitution, I am required to assert the interests of the people of Louisiana,” added General Landry. “I will continue to uphold my obligation to serve as the chief legal officer of Louisiana and to fight for the interests of our State’s people.”