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Attorney General Jeff Landry Unveils New Law Enforcement Assistance in the New Orleans Area

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry today announced a new initiative by the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation (LBI) to combat crime and promote public safety in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area.  

“From arresting child predators, to investigating scammers preying on the elderly, to prosecuting corrupt government officials – my office is working hard to make our communities safe,” said General Landry. “Today’s announcement is part of our efforts to support our State's prosecutors and local law enforcement agencies in preventing crime and apprehending criminals.”

This weekend – 50 two-person teams comprised of special agents at the LBI, St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, and Hammond Police Department will patrol the outskirts of the French Quarter and the Central Business District. Moving forward - specials agents from the LBI are expected to team with task force members from the Sheriff’s Offices in Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John, and St. Tammany and the Hammond Police Department.

“By reallocating time, this new effort will not cost the City or the State anything new; but it will support and assist the NOPD, State Police, and FBI here,” added General Landry. “If we are to bring an end to the smear of crime, fraud, and corruption that tarnishes our great State’s reputation and affects the quality of life of all in Louisiana – law enforcement must work together.”

Local law enforcement, prosecutors, and elected leaders thanked General Landry for the new crime reduction effort.

“I want to thank the Attorney General for his leadership in putting this task force together,” said Louisiana State Police Major Carl Saizan. “We all do great work, but together we can do some awesome work.”

“General Landry and I speak on a regular basis about how we can collectively work to keep the citizens of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana safe,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Jeff Sallet. “I want to thank the Attorney General for his partnership.”

“When we work together, we are stronger and the public is safer,” said Orleans Sheriff Marlin Gusman. “I am delighted with this new initiative from the Attorney General.”

“It is important that people and tourists who come to the French Quarter are safe,” said Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro. “I am happy to be a part of this and thank the Attorney General for his leadership in bringing this together.”

“To roll out this policy and plan is so wonderful because we want to make sure that our visitors are safe,” Councilwoman Nadine Ramsey. “Thank you to the Attorney General and all the law enforcement involved.”