Data Security Breach Notification

Information about reporting Data Breaches

Requirements for Notification to the Attorney General

As set forth below, the Louisiana Administrative Code lists the requirements for notification to the Attorney General when notification to Louisiana residents is required by the Database Security Breach Notification Law.

Louisiana Administrative Code

Database Security Breach Notification Reporting Requirements

Title 16, Part III. Consumer Protection, Chapter 7 Database Security Breach Notification

ยง701. Reporting Requirements

A.     When notice to Louisiana citizens is required pursuant to R.S. 51:3074, the person or agency shall provide written notice detailing the breach of the security of the system to the Consumer Protection Section of the Attorney General's Office. Notice shall include the names of all Louisiana citizens affected by the breach.

B.     Failure to provide timely notice may be punishable by a fine not to exceed $5,000 per violation. Notice to the attorney general shall be timely if received within 10 days of distribution of notice to Louisiana citizens. Each day notice is not received by the attorney general shall be deemed a separate violation.

C.     Written notification shall be mailed to: Louisiana Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Section 1885 N. Third Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

LA Database Security Breach Online Reporting Form

Notification to the Attorney may be filed electronically using the following link: Report Data Security Breach

Notification to Louisiana Residents

The Database Security Breach Notification Law, La. R.S. 51:3071, et seq., which includes the requirements for notification to Louisiana residents, can be found at the Louisiana State Legislature website through the link below.