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  • 10/22/2019

Online Alcohol Sales Concern of Republican and Democrat Attorneys General

General Landry: The black-market products sold on these platforms may be counterfeit or tainted, sometimes with harmful health effects. So together – Republican and Democrat – we want to solve this problem and make our jurisdictions safer places to live, work, and raise families.

  • 10/17/2019

Over $2 Million Headed to Louisiana from Settlement with Johnson & Johnson and Its Subsidiary

General Landry: I am proud of our office’s work on this case to protect consumers and get justice. I hope this settlement serves as a warning to companies that we take seriously our duty to defend Louisiana’s consumers from harm.

  • 10/15/2019

Nigerian Man in U.S. on Expired Visa Arrested for Fraud, Theft, and Laundering

General Landry: This case should be a reminder to businesses and consumers to take a few extra steps to keep their information safe online. And it is further proof of the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

  • 10/11/2019

Another Illegal Alien Arrested In Louisiana for Child Exploitation

General Landry: My office and I are committed to doing all we legally can to protect Louisiana’s children. This includes arresting a number of illegal immigrants who have inflicted damage on our State’s citizens.

  • 10/4/2019

SCOTUS To Take Up Louisiana's Pro-Woman Admitting Privileges Law

General Landry: We will not waver in defense of our State's pro-woman and pro-life laws; and we will continue to do all we legally can to protect Louisiana women.

  • 10/1/2019

Reducing Opioid Abuse, Misuse, and Addiction is Priority for Attorney General Jeff Landry

General Landry: It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between counterfeit drugs and real medications. It only takes one; there are no second chances.

  • 10/1/2019

Successful State Effort Contributes to National Health Care Fraud Takedown

General Landry: Medicaid welfare fraud jeopardizes healthcare resources for Louisiana’s poor and steals from our State’s taxpayers. This unlawful and immoral act is especially heinous when perpetuated by people who are supposed to be taking care of our State’s most needy.

  • 9/13/2019

Three Men Arrested for Internet Crimes Against Children

General Landry: Child pornography is a dreadful crime that repeatedly victimizes children. So my office and I will continue to do all we can to find and arrest those who possess, distribute, and produce these horrific sexual abuse images and videos.

  • 9/10/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces Results of Northwest Louisiana Child Sex Crime Sweep

General Landry: Louisiana’s children are our State’s most precious resource, and I am committed to doing all that I legally can to protect them.

  • 9/9/2019

Protecting Louisiana Consumers and Businesses, Attorney General Jeff Landry Launching Investigation of Google

General Landry: I am proud to work with my fellow attorneys general, from across the political spectrum, to determine whether Google’s aggressive business practices are actually illegal.

  • 8/21/2019

Student Loans to be Forgiven for Totally and Permanently Disabled Veterans

General Landry: I am grateful for President Trump’s willingness to consider and accept our bipartisan pleas to better protect those who once protected our Nation.

  • 8/21/2019

On Facts Surrounding LSU Incident, Attorney General Jeff Landry Issues Statement

General Landry: From apprehending fugitives to arresting predators to educating citizens on ways to protect themselves from crime, our office does valuable work for the State and her people.

  • 8/20/2019

School Safety Tips Offered by Attorney General Jeff Landry

General Landry: Louisiana parents and guardians can help make this year safer by including our safety tips on their Back to School To-Do List.

  • 8/14/2019

Medicaid Fraudster Convicted, Ordered to Pay Restitution

General Landry: This conviction not only highlights the ongoing problems in the State's Behavioral Health Program but also the need for more Medicaid welfare fraud detection and aggressive control efforts.

  • 8/8/2019

Several Child Products Recently Recalled, Attorney General Jeff Landry Cautions Consumers

General Landry: I strongly urge Louisiana parents and guardians to take a moment to view the list of products in order to prevent their families from harm.

  • 7/30/2019

Capital One Data Breach Could Affect Over 100 Million Consumers, Attorney General Jeff Landry Offers Tips to Those Impacted in Louisiana

General Landry: Taking basic precautions and knowing the appropriate steps to make in the event of a data breach can help prevent Louisiana consumers from falling victim to fraudsters.

  • 7/30/2019

Illegal Alien Among Seven Arrested in Louisiana for Child Exploitation

General Landry: Anyone with information regarding Michael Reynolds, please contact the LBI toll-free at 1-800-256-4506. Callers may remain anonymous.

  • 7/25/2019

Hire a Veteran Day Celebrated by the LADOJ

General Landry: Louisiana is blessed with more than 280,000 veterans. These men and women have unique experiences and invaluable skills that would benefit all of our State’s workforce.

  • 7/22/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry, Fellow AG's Secure $600 Million from Equifax in Largest Data Breach Settlement in History

General Landry: Consumers will be able to obtain information about the settlement, check their eligibility to file a claim, and file a claim on the Equifax Settlement Breach online registry.

  • 7/3/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Offers Tips to Safely Celebrate Independence Day

General Landry: By obeying all local firework laws and following all firework instructions, we can help make our communities safer.